About Marquee Experiences

Marquee Experiences creates and leads experiential Enlightened Journeys and Enlightened Retreats that transform lives globally.

We belong to the World Incentive Network Inc. (WIN) family of professional service providers along with Marquee IncentivesMarquee MarketingMarquee Events and Enlightened Capitalist.

If you are looking for a journey that transforms lives — yours, the people in your cohort and the people you assist — then consider an Enlightened Journey or an Enlightened Retreat by Marquee Experiences.

Marquee Experiences started “life” as a consulting arm for World Incentive Network, teaching business leaders how to improve the customer and employee experience within their organization.  However, as Enlightened Capitalist became more of a driving force for the WIN family, it became obvious that the best way to improve elements of an organization — including the experience they deliver — is to physically experience transformation as part of the journey.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Marquee Experiences conveniently had the correct name and could easily pivot to fulfill that role.

What happened to the consulting arm?  — Marquee Incentives, which has always focused on employee engagement, performance improvement, and customer loyalty, welcomed the consultants into its team.