Enlightened Journeys

These small group experiences (minimum 12, maximum 50 people) bring together visionaries, thought-leaders, transformation agents and changemakers for deep conversations, introspection, personal and professional growth and tons of laughter as we discover alternate ways to approach challenges.

Along the way, we will meet local business and government leaders who are making positive ripples, we’ll create a plan to assist a segment of the local community, we’ll step out of our comfort zones and enjoy unique experiences, and we’ll do things we’ve never done before.  We’ll also learn about ourselves and we’ll evolve our skills, perspective, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence throughout the journey.

Enlightened Journeys are so much more than a vacation or a retreat.

Enlightened Journeys are designed to transform lives — yours and the people you support

  • You will grow both personally and professionally.
  • You’ll do things you’ve never done before.

  • You’ll learn how to find your perfect balance of BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well

  • You’ll expand your leadership and communication skills along with your creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking 

  • You’ll be challenged to step outside of your comfort zone

  • You’ll work on projects for yourself and a major project for our host community.

  • You’ll make a difference and create a legacy.

These Enlightened Journeys have been created by people who have gone on enlightened journeys of self-discovery themselves. They’ve realized that when you want to change the world, you must start inside yourself then expand your ripples of impact outwards.

Many people are reluctant to start from this place though, so we’ve created a program that starts with an outside project — the community project we’ll collaborate on, co-create and deliver when we step off the plane and into our Enlightened Journey.

Enlightened Journeys start 6 months prior to the trip with self-understanding and alignment and it continues as we collaborate and co-create a solution with a community at the destination we will travel to. Our personal growth and professional development expand with each exercise and challenge throughout the Journey and beyond.