Which Trip

Should I commit to an Enlightened Journey or an Enlightened Retreat?

The similarities between an Enlightened Retreat and an Enlightened Journey are:

  • You’ll understand yourself more
  • You’ll connect with others as you experience the activities, exercises, conversation and other elements of the trip together
  • You’ll learn ways to discover and step into your personal purpose more fully
  • You’ll leave a little bit different (or a whole lot different) than you were when you arrived
  • You’ll have an understanding and perhaps a plan (depending on the expected outcome of the event) to implement when you get home
  • You’ll be offered a way to stay supported when you get home

The main differences between an Enlightened Retreat and an Enlightened Journey are: 

The Length of the Event – Enlightened Retreats are usually 3 nights (from Friday night to Monday morning).  Enlightened Journeys are usually 5 nights and they can start any day of the week (plan on 7 days with travel).

The Size of the Group – Enlightened Retreats require a minimum of 5 people and have a maximum of 12 people.  Enlightened Journeys have a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 50 people. 

The Focus – Enlightened Retreats start at the inner circle of the Ripple Circles (person) and work outwards.  Enlightened Journeys start at the outer circle (planet) and work inwards. 

The Destinations – Enlightened Retreats are chosen for their desirability as a place to unplug, relax and lessen distractions.  They will usually be in well-known destinations with easy air access and luxury accommodations.  Enlightened Journeys are chosen for their desirability as a place to learn from others and contribute to a community.  They may involve multiple flights and be off the beaten-track with a variety of accommodation types which may be luxurious or rustic or both! 

The Accommodation – Enlightened Retreats will bring us together in an intimate setting where we are usually the only people in the structure so that we can share openly, connect genuinely and participate in group activities without disturbing others (such as in a villa, large house or small Inn).  Enlightened Journeys accommodation will depend on the destination and the type of accommodation available, which could mean that we stay in uniquely local (and very un-touristy) accommodation.  Safety always comes first in all events.  

The Preparation – The preparation for an Enlightened Retreat includes some reading, watching videos and doing the pre-work.  Generally, this can be accomplished within 1 – 2 weeks (or months) depending on how busy your schedule is.   On the other hand, the preparation for an Enlightened Journey is significantly more involved. Our intention is to create a connection with the community we commit to visit and to learn from them while also contributing in some way to create ripples of positive impact.  This requires significant planning for the logistics of the trip and the impact we intend to make.  It also requires we start working together to understand the challenges in the community, get to the root of the problem and start formulating our initial plan 6 months before we depart. During these 6 months, you and your cohort will be working with your Journey leader to co-create a solution with a segment of the local community.  You will identify the root cause of the problem, engage with the community leaders, receive input about what they feel they need and identify if it is the correct solution to the correct problem and then you’ll create a plan to start to resolve it.  This is a similar process to engaging employees during a business reinvention.  There will be communications challenges, expectations that need to be managed, politics, development challenges and implementation challenges which need to be resolved for a successful Journey…. And once these are resolved, you will leave your legacy on the community.

Commitment Date – An Enlightened Capitalist commits to intention, takes action and fulfills on their promises because integrity helps create trust, which helps to engage people, which helps to get things done well. As an Enlightened Capitalist, if you are interested in an Enlightened Retreat or an Enlightened Journey, you need to decide if you are willing to commit fully because others are relying on you.  Each Retreat and Journey has a minimum number of attendees required to make them viable from an experiential, financial and a practical perspective. Since both the Enlightened Retreats and Enlightened Journeys require legal commitments to our event planners, accommodation, ground transportation and activity providers along with logistical planning on our end AND the need for everyone in the group to block time in their schedule and make travel arrangements and other plans, the deadlines for each are as follows:

Commitment Date

  • Enlightened Retreats – 90 days prior to the start date
  • Enlightened Journeys – 180 days prior to the start date

Don’t hold off until the last minute though because one of two things could happen: 

  1. The event is full when you decide to commit (and you become disappointed) or
  2. The event is cancelled because there weren’t enough people (and perhaps you are the person we needed to ensure it happened.)



What is expected of me? You commit, complete the pre-work, show up, participate in and trust the exercises and experiences, be open to personal and professional growth through the experience – including the possibility that you may have a breakthrough after a breakdown and you may be called out on the safety fences/walls you’ve erected to keep you safe.    You will be supported along the way. If you are involved in an Enlightened Journey, we also need you to bring whatever you can to help the community we choose to support (they’ll tell us) and you’ll roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself into the activities that contribute to our ripples of positive impact.

How much is the deposit? The deposit is 25% upon booking

When is the balance due? The balance is due before the Commitment Date (90 days before an Enlightened Retreat and 180 days before an Enlightened Journey)

What is your cancellation policy? Each Retreat and Journey has a minimum number of attendees required to make them viable from an experiential, financial, impactful and a practical perspective.   We do not offer refunds if you cannot attend. There are 2 options though:

  1. You may be able to find someone to take your spot depending on the destination, the activities planned and the time left until departure
  2. You may be able to gift your spot to someone in our Guild to permit someone who would otherwise be excluded from this type of experience to attend

We say “may” because some of our events may require a security clearance, visas, vaccinations and/or other approvals from government officials or community hosts.  Furthermore, an Enlightened Journey includes 6 months of planning and mentoring, which cannot be transferred to another person.

What happens to my payment if there aren’t enough people signed up and the Retreat or Journey is cancelled? We will refund your payment within 2 weeks of the Commitment Date.

What’s included? Each Enlightened Journey and Enlightened Retreat is unique, so look at the inclusions which will be outlined along with the price.