Fiona’s Case study

Fiona knows exactly what you are going through because she’s in a similar situation. Fiona is the CEO of a software company which has recently been losing customers at an alarming rate. New competitors are popping up every day.

The vision for the software has yet to come to fruition – just the free version and the lost-leader version of the software are complete – and even then they aren’t really ever complete. There have been so many problems finishing the premium versions that she doubts it will ever happen.

Fiona’s issues are compounded because her CTO has already left, taking with him 2 of the senior developers and she has seen productivity drop substantially.

The inconsistency in her mood caused by the stress of the situation isn’t helping at all.

Her team doesn’t know what to expect, which is contributing to their seemingly lack of interest to either provide good support or finish the software.

Fiona feels very much alone. She is getting pushed and pulled in so many directions.

Her Board isn’t helping, her leadership team seems to have checked out.

She is expecting the bank to call at any time.

Fiona has been through rough patches before. She’s always been able to pull through and come out even stronger.

This was one of the selling points she made when she was interviewed.

This time it feels different though.

There are external and internal factors contributing to the challenge and she’s not quite sure how to proceed.

Fiona has been researching to determine if there is a “new and improved way” to transform businesses and that’s how she discovered Marquee Experiences and its sister brands, Marquee Incentives, Marquee Marketing and Marquee Events.

She agrees with the statements that “Your Brand IS Your Customer Experience” and “If you want a great customer experience your employee experience must be greater.”

Fiona reaches out to Marquee Experiences to find out how to get her employees back on track to deliver not only the finished software but also a better experience for their customers, believing that taking a look at the business from the perspective of the employees and the perspective of the customers can give her leadership team valuable insight into what needs to change to turn the business around.

After doing a Customer Experience Audit the Marquee team identified some serious issues.

An “undercover” Employee Experience was also initiated and we discovered a toxic work environment created by a supervisor and a senior engineer who were not only bullying the other employees but who were also stealing time and other resources from the company.

These individuals were immediately removed and their replacements were carefully chosen.

Fiona interviewed each employee individually to uncover what was happening. She asked about their experience and their goals, plans, motivations, dreams and so on.

The interviews were not easy – trust had been destroyed – but with the help of the Marquee team, the walls employees had created started to be lowered enough to gain some valuable insight.

The company’s vision and purpose was explained and the roles that each person played were clearly defined. Expectations were outlined and the metrics which each would be measured by were made crystal clear.

The new recognition and rewards program was announced to help inspire the employees to participate – and those who didn’t were also replaced.

Every employee received additional training and education in areas where they needed it.

Customer sentiment was monitored in social media and review sites.

Fiona personally reached out to each and every customer in her “A” list to find out what they valued, what they needed and where the business could improve. She used the T-form to ask what should we start, stop, increase and decrease.

All these efforts paid off – during her conversations she uncovered a need – a niche where her company could add tremendous value to existing clients while also attracting new clients.

Her story does end well – she and her team not only turned the business around but they are experiencing the best year yet in terms of growth and profit.