Alison’s Case study

Alison is like you in this regard. She is an entrepreneur with an ecommerce site, a small call center and 4 retail locations. She plans to open 2 more locations this year and 3 locations the year after.

Alison takes a hands-on approach when she opens a new location and she’s very particular about who she hires. She experienced firsthand how one wrong hire can derail her business and cause serious problems to the workplace and to her customers.

As she grows, she’s concerned about her ability to keep the culture intact and to avoid another poor hire. She’s also concerned because her industry is starting to see new competitors entering the market, which will impact her growth plans if she can’t solidify a stronger value differentiation. She also understands how the retail environment has changed and will continue to change in this Age of the Customer.

Alison likes to experiment. She is a habitual learner and she likes the idea of learning how to do things herself but she’s also wise and knows she’s not always going to get the best, the quickest and the most efficient results by learning and doing.

With all this insight about her industry, business, strengths, weaknesses, potential for disruption and how valuable people are to her success, Alison realizes she needs help. She has uncovered a number of companies who offer technology to help deliver better experiences but she knows that technology is only one part of the equation – it’s the human touch where she’ll make the biggest impact when dealing with the changes and disruptors.

Alison stays in boutique hotels and supports other local business owners because she prefers being known as a person rather than as an account. She also prefers boutique agencies and consulting companies because they tend to be more nimble, creative and open to finding the right mix for her needs.

Alison is happy when she discovers that Marquee Experiences is a boutique agency which offers consulting, self-study education and workshops because she sees value in balancing consulting services with education so that her team can learn as they grow.

Alison is intrigued when she hears she can also get help with marketing, employee recognition and engagement services, sales incentives, loyalty programs, events and joint ventures through Marquee’s sister brands, Marquee Incentives, Marquee Events and Marquee Marketing.

Alison starts to work with Carol and her team and immediately sees opportunities to differentiate her business, improve the customer experience and what to start, stop, increase and decrease to strengthen the relationship she has with her employees.

After 12 months the Key Performance Indicators we chose to use as our benchmark were all significantly improved. With the Marquee team’s assistance and guidance, Alison had created systems and processes to streamline her training and to improve consistency.

The dialogue between employees, customers and her leadership team had produced additional value-added products and services and removed obstacles which were frustrating both clients and employees. Alison had fired clients and replaced them with more profitable, easier to service client.

And, with the departure of some employees and the addition of others who were more aligned with her vision and purpose, each location had seen a shift to a more supportive, helpful, caring and family-like environment.

With this stronger foundation, Alison has revised her projections and is on track to increase her revenue by 125% this year.