About Marquee Experiences

Customer Experiences are delivered by employees who make moment by moment decisions about how to use their discretionary effort as they go about their workday. These decisions will either positively or negatively impact the experience you deliver to your customers.

We live and breathe experiences – after all they are the one true differentiation between competitors who are trying to attract and retain customers. Increased retention of high-value and easy to serve customers improves profit while it makes the lives of your employees easier. It’s a virtuous circle.

Marquee Experiences is the training and consulting arm of the World Incentive Network (WIN). We help leaders to improve the experiences people – customers, employees, partners, supporters, vendors – have with your business. We help you to align the experience with your brand promise and we help you to create an environment where employees choose to deliver the promise consistently.

Founder, Carol Wain, is an award winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and business transformation specialist. She and her team are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences to show you and educate you about how to improve the experience your business delivers.